Dea Sihotang

My name is Dewi Andriyani Avelia Sihotang, but to make it short, you can call me Dea. I was born naturally with the blood of Batak (North Sumatera, Indonesia), but I am living and was raised in Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia. At this moment, I dedicated myself to people more, since I stopped my work recently and want to explore myself and the world.

Since a young age, I always saving my money to buy books, usually second-hand books. Reading is not merely my hobby, but also help me to go to places I never been by the imagination books give to me. Starting 3 years ago, I encourage myself to travel alone and write the journey in a blog. Until now, I'd been to 13 countries in Asia and Europe and am also active in some travel-writing communities. The more I go to other countries outside Indonesia, the more I fall in love with Indonesia. We actually have all what we need under our hands. That perhaps other countries don't have.

By following and chosen as a part of the Sumba Expedition, it gives me opportunity to see myself the real condition in Sumba and more than that, it's such an honor to spread the words about Sumba Iconic Island's project. As Indonesian, I want the best for Indonesia, and one of that is to use the resources in one self's island resources as renewable energy for it's people. It's a sad fact, that beautiful island as Sumba, can't utilize the electricity as people in Java do. All the citizens in Indonesia deserve to have same chance of having a proper life. I wish by the writing and good efforts we make for Sumba, Sumba Iconic Island can be applied by 2020 as an island using 100% renewable energy. By this, we let the world know that there is something good comes from Indonesia.

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Dea Sihotang