Griksa Gunadarma

Hello, my name is Griksa Gunadarma. I am a Graphic Designer who loves illustrating, photography and has big interest in outdoor & social activities. I can't get the whole of experience behind my work desk, but I will get it with my profession as a creative worker.

After graduated in 2013, this year I decide to travel more to enrich my experience of life. Currently I work in BTL agency in Kemang, Jakarta and still give a space for my personal activity in outdoor or social activity.

I was involved in Komunitas Inspirasi Jelajah Pulau (KIJP). KIJP is educational movement from professional to one day sharing about our profession at Elementary School in Seribu Islands.

By being chosen as a part of the Expedition Sumba Team, it will give me oppurtunity to see Sumba in real condition and to do something more for social and humanism. I believe share & help the others is the way to have an ideal life. Sumba is a rich island of potential nature resources, but the people still live in poverty. The electricity is the answer to improve their health, education, and wealth.

Together we can make a better living for sumba and achieve the target "Sumba 100% Renewable Energy" in 2020.

For any information about me you can follow me on facebook or contact me at

Griksa Gunadarma