Novianus Efrat

Hello, everyone. My name is Efrat. I’m graduated from Bogor Agricultural University, majoring in Agroindustrial Technology. Since my college year, I have been very passionate about renewable energy. This passion has led me to academic achievements from local to international stage. It also helps me being selected as one of Indonesia team representatives for Sumba Expedition this year.

Long story short, after graduated, I felt I had to go to Indonesia remote areas to help improving the children education quality. I have experienced living and teaching in an island for a year where there was lack of electricity supply. Usually when the distribution of diesel oil was late due to bad weather, there was no electricity for days. Moreover, the electricity was only provided from sunset until dawn. This is pathetic. Almost all activities require electricity in the daytime. School activities become ineffective and inefficient without enough light and without available technology which can enhance the learning process. Offices experience the same problem.

I have experienced how electricity supply has a real and direct impact to the development of the community in an area. Then, an idea to continue my study and research about renewable energy came into my mind. So, I am going to continue my study about renewable energy next spring. By participating in this expedition, I believe I will gain more knowledge and experience so I can contribute more in Indonesia renewable energy sector in the future. This is my action for renewable energy. Let’s work together to make Sumba an example for the world as an iconic island of renewable energy!

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Novianus Efrat