Saepul Hamdi

My name is Saepul Hamdi, but you can call me Epul. I’m a student in a journalistic program and am currently in the eight semester of UIN Sunan Gunung Djati Bandung. My activities consists of not only going to campus every day, but I also joined some communities in Bandung. For example Earth Hour Bandung since 2013. This is a community that is concerned with energy saving and environmental issues. My responsibility is the media division. This includes social media and joining several campaigns and workshops as delegation of Earth Hour Bandung. You can check our campaign and activities via twitter @EHbdg.

I also joined Kita Indonesia, this is a community that focuses on developing communities, especially in education and social themes. I am chief coordinator and lead several social projects. Please visit our activities via twitter @Kita1nonesia.

I also love to travel and write about my experiences in my personal blog. You can visit my blog at I also posted my traveling gallery via Instagram: @_sapulhamdi.

I am also an active volunteer in several social activities. Like chosen as participant in Ekspedisi Nusantara Jaya 2015 and sail with warship of Indonesia about one month to some place in west Indonesia, As volunteer in Asia Africa Youth Conference 2015, Volunteer in Autism Day, and so on.

I love public speaking, so I am often invited as MC (Master of Ceremony) in events. And I love making a simple video record using my mobile phone and created some citizen journalist video, you can watch my video via YouTube channel : saepul hamdi. And we can keep in touch via Facebook.

Saepul Hamdi